Nakonde man marries his cousin

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Boyd Kapande and Ethel Lusekelo have become the first, very close cousins to officially get married in Solwezi, and may be in Zambia. Boyd’s mother is the biological young sister to Ethel’s father. This means Boyd and Ethel are FIRST cousins; more less like a brother and sister. According to them, this is still allowed in Kaonde Culture. “No, to us Kaondes, this is normal and allowed. Many people are marrying their cousins and no one is complaining because marriages are perfect and intact due to the closeness in relations. Its only that with us its was a public white wedding attended by many people some of whom are not Kaondes and thinks, this is not acceptable when in-fact it is”, said Ethel while smiling. Ethel and Boyd started staying together when they were in Grade 2 until Grade 12. They were being kept by Ethel’s parents who did not know what was happening until the girl was pregnant. They got married today; the birth day of their first born child (girl). The wedding was attended by all their parents except some rebel siblings and relatives who boycotted the ceremony calling it incest and pure madness.