Meet Gift Mwelwa AKA Salvado

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Gift Mwelwa, who  goes by stage name SAUVADO ,is  a talented music rapper from Northern Province signed under  Yolo_Nation record Label. He  started  his music music career way back when he was still doing hez 3rd grade. by then he  only used to write songs without recording them. Later on,  in hez 9th grade, HE met Isaac Bwalya who is also known  as Zeck B  and that time Zeck B was also doing music without recording any jam.

At the same time Sauvado met  two friends  J-Nock and Mass j aka 188. J-nock and Mass J introduced Salado to fresh Record. A record label which was runned by Dj Dog as Co-Producer. The team came up with a simple crew called K.S.M Giants. Aftter recorsing 4 tracks. Mass j and J-Nock started  creating projects without the consent of the team which led to Zeck B and Salado leave the crew. Zeck B introduced Sauvado to  Tascul Mr Yolo and his young brother Swivan. Mr Yolo head the  songs Sauvado did with J-NockMass J and Zeck,the man was impressed and saw potential in Sauvado  .

 In 2017,  Tascul came up with the Crew called YOLO NATION then in the same crew he recruited  Zeck B, Swivan and Sauvado. Taccul introduced the rest of the team to  California music and House Music both based in Kasama. In the same year,he also   introduced Sauvado to the three Producers, Dj’s Funk Flex , Masereti, California 150 and Domi Beats. Frunk Flex liked the  work of Sauvado and that made him to sign Sauvado as his artist while he was affiliated  to the crew called YOLO NATION. He started  making projects  for him , California 150 and Quan vibes came up with a project called Supu ya mbuzi  and Sauvado  mentioned this one as one of the big projects he has recorded in his life .

 In 2019 sauvado did a song with his team, Yolo nation team. The song was called ALL ABOUT HUSTLE. 

 in that song  Sauvado featured Tascul, swivan and his  young brother Rio Dicky. it was the best of 2019 according to Salvado…in 2021 Sauvado has promised his fans nothing but the best.

Here are the links to the two tracks done by Salvado